First Responders = Foster Parents

By March 17, 2014July 18th, 2017General, Portraits

Bret.Janarie.FireTruckThe couple gracing this month’s Foster Roster cover is none other than Bret and Janarie Cammans, who serve as foster parents in Price, Utah. What led them to begin their foster parenting journey is a tale that warms the heart, as we get ready to celebrate National Foster Care Month in May.

As first responders with Price City Fire Dept. and Carbon County Ambulance, Bret and Janarie felt a “tug on their hearts” when they were sent to domestic disturbances and drug-related calls.

There were children in these homes. Some had been neglected or abused and were being placed in foster care while their parents tried to make the necessary changes in their lives.

Bret and Janarie wanted to help ease the transition for children at this difficult point. They made the decision to call Utah Foster Care, take the required training and become licensed foster parents.

They are one of the families Utah Foster Care now features in our “Foster Care Changes Lives” media campaign throughout the state. You can see them on billboards along the Wasatch Front, in the Uintah Basin, and even on the way into their hometown of Price.

The Cammans have cared for kids of all ages and helped reunite many with their biological families. How do they deal with their own feelings about nurturing a child and then see them leave their lives?

Janarie has an answer when her friends and family tell her that they could never be foster parents because ‘I could never become attached to a child and then send them back home.’

“I tell them that sending a child home can be very bittersweet,” says Janarie. “However, knowing that a family has healed and I am sending the child home to a better environment outweighs the sadness.”

We will be adding more real, live Utah foster families to our media campaign this year. We want to encourage all families to check out to listen to the personal stories about the foster care experience.