Privacy Tips

Privacy Takes Planning

The era of online anonymity is over. For good or for ill, it’s done. Someone — maybe lots of someones — already knows who you are and a little bit about you. But — if you’ve taken a few precautions — the likelihood that you can trust these folks is pretty high.

But it takes planning.

So we’ve put together a collection of a few places where you can learn more about safe-guarding your privacy online:


A Reminder

In addition to your privacy and the privacy of your family, special care needs to be take to protect the privacy of children placed in your home by the state. Foster parents must refrain from sharing information via the web that could lead to the identification of a child placed in your care.

This might include tweeting about a placed child by name; sharing a photograph of a placed child in a public or semi-public forum; or making a Facebook post that includes names or photos of placed children. This would not include using the name of a placed child in a private e-mail or e-mailing a family photo to grandparents.

As always, best judgement should be used.

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