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Liz Rivera

Region: Salt Lake
Program: Education
Since: 1999

As the Salt Lake Valley Regional Trainer, Liz is privileged to educate potential and current Foster and Adoptive parents about the needs of children in foster care. Liz’s career in child welfare began 20 years ago with Salt Lake County Youth Services and she has been with Utah Foster Care for 14 years. Her academic experience includes a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Utah (Go Utes!) where she specialized in studying attachment and communication in adoptive families. She is also a Registered Circle of Security Parent Educator. One of Liz’s favorite quotes is “As it turns out, it’s not getting it right the first time that matters, it’s getting it right the second time.” She loves it because it is inherently hopeful and “hope” is exactly what she wants to offer the amazing families who choose the path of foster care and adoption.

Serving Utah's Children Since 1999

In Partnership with the Utah Division of Child & Family Services