I'm a Foster Parent

What’s My Region?

Utah Foster Care (UFC) organizes its staff, services, and parent resources within five regions: Northern, Salt Lake, Western, Eastern, and Southwest — see the map to the right.

Each region has its own foster parent recruiter, trainer, and retention services specialist to help support foster families. These UFC staff members know your community because they live there.

Because foster parents also work closely with Utah’s Utah Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS), our regions match their regions, exactly.

We encourage you to find your region’s page and bookmark it, so you can return to it often!

Utah is divided into five regions. These regions are Northern, Salt Lake, Western, Eastern, and Southwest. Resources for foster families are managed at the regional level.

Visit the Northern regional site …  Visit the Salt Lake regional site …  Visit the Western regional site …  Visit the Eastern regional site …  Visit the Southwest regional site … 
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