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The Children

Who are the children in foster care? What are they like?

Children in foster care come from all backgrounds – they’re Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, Native American, Asian, or Pacific Islander. They range in age from birth to 19 years. Some are boys, some are girls. Two-thirds of the children have a brother or sister in foster care with them and would benefit from staying together.

What all children in foster care have in common is that they are in the protective custody of the state. Most come from a background of abuse or neglect. Often this trauma influences their behavior.

Many children who have been abused or neglected have learned habits that helped keep them safe – but which now negatively impact how they relate to the world around them. Foster families offer a safe place for these children and a chance to replace old habits with new ones.

Utah Foster Care (UFC) helps foster parents learn ways to help children cope at our annual symposium and through on-going educational opportunities (in-service training).

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