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Your Team

Caring for children in foster care comes with challenges, but people and programs are in place to help you all along the way.

Every child has a caseworker assigned by the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS). Caseworkers are responsible to oversee all the services children receive. They can answer questions, assist you in identifying and accessing services, and also work with the child’s birth parents. While they are a support to you, their focus is on the child.

Every foster family is assigned a Resource Family Consultant (RFC). The focus of your RFC is to help find the right foster home (placement) for each child, and then support that placement by supporting you.

Children in foster care receive medical, dental, and mental health care through Medicaid. They qualify for free school lunches and various school fee waivers. Younger children also qualify for the WIC program for food. In addition to these support programs, foster families receive a modest financial reimbursement intended to offset the cost of caring for the children in their home.

Utah Foster Care (UFC) also provides numerous resources — including local support groups, called “Clusters“ – for our valued foster parents and their families. These services are provided by our helpful Retention Staff located throughout the state. The services are organized regionally. Find out what region you’re in!

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