Become a Foster Parent

Out-of-state Children

The process for becoming a foster parent for a child from another state is governed by a legal agreement between all states called the “Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children”, or ICPC.

According to this agreement, one state cannot send a child to another state without first receiving permission. In order to receive permission, the child’s caseworker will first need to fill out the appropriate paperwork and make a request.

Families in Utah sometimes hear they must get a home study or become licensed before the caseworker will consider placing the child with them. However, the state of Utah will not complete a home study or license a family until the child’s caseworker has requested it through the ICPC process.

We encourage you to contact the Utah Division of Child & Family Services (DCFS) state offices at 801-538-4100 and ask for the Interstate Compact Administrator.

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