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Foster/Adoptive Family Recruitment

The best description of the role of the Foster/Adoptive Family Recruitment Department is found in the Utah Foster Care (UFC) mission statement: We find families to meet the needs of children in foster care. While a simple statement, there is a lot that comes with it.

We find families to meet the needs of Utah children in foster care.

Children in foster care are a diverse group. There are boys and girls, of course. Many (two-thirds!) have siblings in foster care. They range in age from birth to 19 and come from every race, culture, ethnicity, religion, and economic status found in Utah. They also come with a wide range of individual needs and challenges as a result of past abuse and neglect.

Children in foster care are best served when they are able to be cared for by families most like them. This requires an equally diverse group of foster/adoptive families.

There is an array of misconceptions and myths in our communities about children in foster care and the foster care system. Utah Foster Care looks for opportunities to correct these misconceptions and to move the discussion in new and helpful directions. And we rely on the community to listen, as foster and adoptive parents tell their stories and the stories of the children they care for.

Serving Utah's Children Since 1999

In Partnership with the Utah Division of Child & Family Services