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Our Culture

Utah Foster Care (UFC) has chosen concepts from the books “Leadership & Self Deception“ and “The Anatomy of Peace“ as our embraced corporate culture. These concepts are based on the philosophy of the Arbinger Institute.

To increase morale in a workplace where people spend many hours of each day, it must be a place where employees feel safe, valued, capable, and appreciated for the talents they bring to the organization. Because of the child-welfare work UFC is engaged in, it is essential that the importance of activities and needs in the employees’ own families is also valued.

A healthy corporate culture is established when employees work as a team, care about each other, love to come to work each day, enjoy what they do and who they do it with, and know they are supported by the organization. They hold colleagues in high regard and provide support by communicating openly and always helping to “make things go right”.

They understand that all human beings have similar needs, hopes, dreams and fears and they develop positive trusting relationships. This is vital for sharpening vision, reducing feelings of conflict, enlivening the desire for teamwork, redoubling accountability, magnifying the capacity to achieve results and deepening satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

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